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NVSP Portal Registration, Status

NVSP stands for National Voter Service Portal in its entire form. On National Voters Day in 2015, it was officially introduced. Every year on the 25th of January, India commemorates National Voters Day. The NVSP was created with the goal of providing voters with a single point of contact for all of their voting needs.

This post will teach you about the services offered by the NVSP Portal, how to register with the NVSP, and how to obtain a Voter ID by Name using the NVSP Portal.

NVSP Portal

NVSP Services:

  • Voter Registration
  • Become an Overseas Voter by registering
  • Electoral Roll Deletion or Objection
  • Electoral Details have been corrected
  • Within the Assembly Constituency, there is a transformation
  • Transfer to a different Assembly Constituency
  • Download the Electoral Roll in PDF format
  • Forms
  • Know who represents you in the Assembly, the BLO/Electoral Officer, and the political parties
  • Follow the progress of your application
  • The following are links to the CEOs of the various states and universities in the United States

NVSP Registration:

If you are confused about how you can sign up for the NVSP Portal, then here is the procedure.

  • Visit the website of the NVSP portal.
  • Login/Register may be accessed by clicking the Login/Register link.
  • Choose one of the options if you are registering for the first time.
  • Fill up your cellphone number and captcha here.
  • Click Send OTP and input the code.

        Create your own Login Id and Password.

        The NVSP registration should be done using the registered mobile number.

NVSP Status:

Elections are undertaken after every five years in India. The responsibility of all residents is incredibly crucial in the election process since they must vote for the best leader. The Voter ID card is used as a form of identification as per the instructions of the Indian Government. You may monitor the status of your voter ID card online once you’ve applied for it.

How Can You Check The Status Of Your Voter ID Card In The National Voter Registration System (NVSP)?

  • Go to the national voter service portal or the voter portal to get started.
  • Enter the ‘Reference ID’ you received at the time of voter ID registration, as well as Form No.
  • Choose ‘Track Status’ to see the status of your voter ID card.

Election Card Status:

If you wanted to check on the status of your Voter ID application a few years ago, you had to go to the election office. That was the only method to determine if your application was in transit, in process, or had been canceled. Check the status of your NVSP Registration using the following methods:

  • Online through the ECI’s official website.
  • Using SMS on your cell phone.
  • Calling the toll-free hotline


The Election Commission of India (ECI) formed the NVSP in order to give all available support services to electors using IT resources. Voters can satisfy the criteria linked to their voter card by visiting the website or the portal.


What Exactly Is NVSP?

It is a website that provides individuals with a user-friendly interface for submitting forms and doing electoral searches.

Is It Possible To Check The Status Of My NVSP Registration?

Yes, using the reference number, you may follow the status of your online application on the NVSP site.

The Information Of My Booth And Officers Can Be Checked On The Portal?

You may look for information using the EPIC number or the address.

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