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Goodwill Visit of Indian Coast Guard Ship to Cambodia

Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) SAMRAT arrived in Sihanoukville Port on 8 November 2016 for a three-day goodwill visit.  ICGS visited Indonesia, Vietnam and China before sailing into Cambodian waters.  

On 8 November, the Ship and its crew members were warmly welcomed by Rear Admiral Ros Veasna, Deputy Commander of Maritime Base, Ream Naval Base at a ceremony.

ICGS SAMRAT has 17 officers and 113 crew members and is headed by DIG D.S. Saini, TM.  During the visit, DIG D.S. Saini, Captain of the ship,  Col. P.S. Punia, Defence Attache of India to Cambodia and other officers called on Deputy Governor, Preah Sihanoukville Province, H.E. Sok Phan, Chief of Royal Cambodian Navy, Admiral Tea Vinh and Rear Admiral & Deputy Commander, Ream Naval Base, Mey Dina.

ICGS SAMRAT participated in a joint exercise with the Royal Cambodian Navy for enhancing interoperability in Maritime Operations, including Search and Rescue.  Also, its staff held volleyball and badminton matches while in Sihanoukville.

School children, members of local community and Government officials visited the Ship on 10 November.  The same evening, a reception was hosted onboard the Ship.  The reception was attended by senior Cambodian Naval Officers, Ambassador, Defence Attaches and other dignitaries.

Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard Ships have been making goodwill visits to Cambodia since 2003.  Last year two Indian Navy Ships INS RANVIR (a guided missile destroyer) and INS KAMOTRA (an anti-submarine corvette) visited Sihanoukville Port in June 2015.  This was followed by the goodwill visit of Indian Coast Guard Ship in November 2015.  During these visits, Indian side conducted joint training exercises with the Royal Cambodian Navy.

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