E Shram Card Registration

E Shram Card Registration 2022

The Indian ministry of labor and employment has provided a great way for the Indian people to apply for online jobs. This extraordinary portal offers assistance to poor people and guides them on how they can develop more skills and improve their mentality to bear any hard time.

On E sharm, you can explore the complete portal easily. This is the official Indian government site where you can get many benefits. So are you looking for e-shram registration 2022 and thinking about how you can apply. Review to find out how to enroll for an e-shram card.

E Shram Card Registration
E Shram Card Registration

So how Can You Apply For E shram card registration 2022:

if you want to register on an e-shram card successfully, you need to provide all of your documents, details, and pictures to prove that you are an Indian nationalist. The e-shram card is only provided to those who fill all the requirements.


If you are a registered worker and want to apply for e shram card or join other government welfare programs, you cannot apply for this. If you want to join e shram card registration 2022, follow these simple procedures to register yourself on e shram card.

●       First, visit the official e-shram web portal in your browser to fill up your details.


●       After opening the e-shram portal on your browser, click on the registered option.

●       Now add your contact number to link with your aadhar card.


●       Now you have to pass captcha clearance and select all the detail mentioned.


●       Now select send OTP option in your browser. After this process, you will receive a code on your registered number.


●       After receiving opt code, now verify this code and accept all the terms and conditions.


●       Now you must provide your personal information, such as your home address, educational background, and employment status.


●       After that, fill in all your necessary details, and type the talent name you wish to acquire and your business’s characteristics.


●       You must have to share your banking details and fill out all information.


●       Now, this portal finally sends you another OTP at your provided number. Once you have verified your OTP, you can see your e-shram card on your browser screen. You can also download it.

What Documents Are Required For E Shram card:

●       A person needs an Aadhar card.

●       Your bank passbook.

●       Your ration card.

●       Your mobile number is linked with your Adhar card.

●       Electricity bill of your house.


In this post, we guide you on how you can successfully do E shram card registration 2022. Hope you will find this information helpful if you have any queries about e shram card and portal registration, then please let us know in the comment section.


1. What requirements are needed to register on e shram card?

Answer: The e-Shram is open for anyone who is disorganized and is between the ages of 7 and 58.

2. What is the uncategorized option on the e-shram portal?

Answer: The uncategorized workers on the e sharm portal work remotely or are self-employed. These individuals are known as one shram uncategorized sectors.

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