E Shram Card Benefits

E Shram Card Benefits

For the general welfare of crores of unorganized workers across the country, the federal government launched a nationwide database. On August 26, 2021, the government unveiled the e-Shram Portal, and workers were given an e-Shram card.

Are you wondering what kind of benefits I get through e-shram cars? This is the Indian government’s official Portal to provide Indian nationalists and workers with online services.

You may gain a lot of advantages with an e-shram card. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of this unique online Portal.

E Shram Card Benefits
E Shram Card Benefits

E Shram Card Benefits

We all know that e-shram cards can also be applied online without hard work. There are several advantages to utilizing an e-shram card. Here are a few of the top benefits you can acquire.

E Shram Card Benefits

●       When you reach 60, the e-shram Card will provide you a pension of 3000 per month.

●       Another benefit is that you can completely handle any situation in old age.

●       E shram also provides insurance benefits. You can also get insurance coverage up to 50000.

●       If the person dies who is registered with e shram porta, all benefits of their service will be passed to his family member who he chooses.

●       It can help you with the monthly contributions, and you can use e shram card to make an equivalent amount of an account to the government of India.

●       With e shram, you are eligible to choose any government program that is designed for employee benefits.

So who is Eligible for the E Shram Card:

●       Only Indian nationals and laborers are eligible to apply for e shran card.

●       Second, beneficiaries must be aged 15–64 years old.

●       You should contribute a least Rs.50–100, and the Indian government will credit your account with the same quantity.

●       Aadhar begins with your phone number.

●       Finally, be certain you have a payment method.

What Are The Documents Requirements For E-Shram Registration:

Name, occupation, residence, educational qualification, skill type, and family details are among the data saved in the e shram site in order to understand how to provide opportunities to individuals based on their talents and engage them in social programs started by the Indian government.

This database will collect information on all unorganized employees, such as migrant laborers, maintenance workers, station workers, agricultural and domestic workers, and so on.

The employees must have the basic paperwork to register on the e-Shram website. Aadhaar information, Aadhaar-linked mobile phone number, and banking information must be filled in when you apply for an e-shram Card.


Everyone who has an e shams Card knows how beneficial this Card is to use. No matter if you want to take a loan from the bank or want to make your retirement pension for old age, this official government portal covers you.

This Card is also known as the employee card, sharamik Card, or shram Card and is very important for any Indian nationalist.

We hope you will find this info article helpful if you have any queries about e shram card benefit, then please let us know by commenting down below.


In India, how many e Shram cards are there?

Answer: More than 20 crore applications have been processed on the e-Shram site. The Indian government created the e-Shram platform to create a database of employees in unorganized industries.

Is there a way to get money using a Shram card?

Answer: If the employee dies in an accident or gets completely physically disabled, a sum of Rs 2 lakh is given, and a sum of Rs 1 lakh is provided if the person becomes partially crippled. Everyone who registers for an e-shram card will receive Rs500 from the Modi administration.

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